You can find slides for some of the talks I’ve given here:

Things I’ve Made

Here are some random things I’ve made:

CLI Tools Written in Go

tfreadme: Generate Terraform README files based on a specific template. Automate documentation of your Terrafor modules!

json-stream-eraser: Encode input from stdin as json; erase words from the streamed input.

envpipecurl: Simple example of how to insert a backdoor into anything that can run a script and has external network access.

Chrome Extensions (for fun)

prpwn: Chrome extension for hiding the “Merge” button on a Bitbucket PR (yes, this is very evil; use with discretion :).

cut-the-sht: Chrome extension that replaces occurrance of words specified by you with other words (also) specified by you.


dotfiles: My dotfiles, includes config for emacs, psql, iTerm, etc.